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Lychgate Press is a small, specialty publishing company with particular interest in fiction and nonfiction books about or set in the Pacific Northwest, and new editions of books of lasting merit that have gone out of print. Our most recent releases include A Bit of Earth, a memoir by Wendy Crisp Lestina, Gripper, a new mystery by Ashna Graves set in Oregon,  and new editions of two juvenile novels by Margaret J. Anderson, In the Keep of Time, first published by Knopf in 1977, and To Nowhere and Back, published by Knopf in 1975.

Lychgate Press urges readers to buy books through their local independent bookstores. Books also are available for individual purchase directly from this website and from online booksellers around the world. Bookstores, event organizers and others interested in larger orders should contact us at: 

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After 40 years in Los Angeles, New York, Portland, a prairie town in Minnesota, and a college town in Oregon, the author inherits a family farm and returns to her hometown (population 1,500) on the far northern California coast. There, for 16 years, she has written a weekly newspaper column, "From the Back Pew," for the Ferndale Enterprise. Many of the stories in this humorous and personable memoir were first developed  as columns. Lestina also is the author of five other books, including three under the name Wendy Reid Crisp. She is a documentary film maker, a former magazine editor, and often travels the country as an inspiring and humorous speaker. 

A Bit of Earth

Gripper cover


The dark side of college championship sports hits the news far too often, highlighting a world of driven coaches, academic cheating, rule-breaking boosters, and failed dreams. In a new mystery by Ashna Graves, author of the acclaimed Death Pans Out, the murder of a star basketball forward propels journalist Neva Leopold into the troubled heart of  this deeply competitive world. The boosters “want to touch us, they want to put their hands on us, to feel our muscles,” player Frankie Budd tells Neva, his hand cinching tight on her shoulder. “That’s why we call them grippers. That’s why I hate the bastards. That’s why I took everything I could get.” Cars, cash, housing, travel, clothes, passing grades—the players get it all while they’re hot. But when it’s over, when the scholarships end and 98.8% of the players fail to make the NBA draft, what happens then?  What happens when they go from being heroes to nobodies overnight and find themselves wielding a broom instead of a basketball? Is such a downfall grounds for murder? Or is the gripper situation at PAC-12 Conference member Valley State University a long way—a very long way—out of hand?                                               



With the turn of a glowing key, four children are transported back to the fifteenth century when they open the door to an ancient Scottish tower. Back then border raiding was a way of life and Andrew witnesses the battle to retake Roxburgh Castle from the English. On a second visit, hoping to retrieve Ollie, the youngest child, they find themselves in the distant future. The book was first published in 1977 by Knopf and has been out of print for some years. Author Margaret Anderson was born and educated in Scotland, and graduated from Edinburgh University. Before she took up writing for children she worked as a biologist and statistician. She is the author of twenty-five books ranging from nature activity and biographies of famous scientists to historical fiction.  In the Keep of Time is the first book in a time-slip trilogy.

In the Keep of Time 

2015 RELEASES        


Life with Jake


An intimate, moving, often funny portrait of the relationship between an older father, Kirby Wilkins, and his disabled son, Jake. A saga of day-to-day challenges, large and small triumphs, friendship, adventure, devotion, and love written by Wilkins, a long-time creative writing teacher at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, California. Wilkins is the author of a book of short stories and two novels. For people who have been there, this book will ring true. For those who haven’t, Life with Jake will take them on a journey they won’t soon forget.

Life with Jake




Bett Lee cover


In this new collection of thirteen stories, Wendy Madar writes about fundamental aspects of human life--marriage, poverty, death, parenthood--with a touch that can seem light and even humorous. But the stories build, leaving the reader with a deep sense of the complexity of relationships, whether as casual as that between a supermarket checker and a customer buying ketchup or as potently tangled as that between an aging intellectual and his wife of many years, who lies dead in the back of the family station wagon awaiting disposal.  No life is simple, no life is easily categorized as good or bad. And no incident is trivial when encountered through such clear and revealing prose.

                        Burying Betty Lee Berto